How To Transfer Web Hosting From One Company To Another?

Do you want to migrate the website to a new host? So, in this article, we are telling you about how to transfer web hosting from one company to another?

If you are frustrated with the current web hosting that you have. Perhaps it is time to switch to a good one. There are lots of reasons for transfer a web hosting like good control and excess, new technology and features, good interface, bandwidth usage improvement high-security issue, and the main reason for changing your host company is website downtime and slow server response.

Once you decide to transfer a website, you need to know how to transfer web hosting from one company to another. There are few steps to the transfer process you need to keep in mind.

Before that, let’s understand how to transfer web hosting from one company to another? Read the article for a detailed explanation and steps.


Steps For Migrate Website To A New Host?

Looking to transfer web hosting? You may be putting it off because you think it will be hard. However, migrating your web hosting is not as difficult as it may seem. Here are few steps on how to transfer hosting?

1. Select a Web Hosting

2. Move your Website’s Files Using FTP

3. Creating Backup Database

4. Export your website database

5. Upload the Files And Import Database

6. Change The DNS


1. Select a Web Hosting:

The first step is the select a new web hosting for your website. Before selecting a new hosting do research about your requirements and doubts. Check their online reviews and users’ feedback before buying a new one and compare them according to your price, features, or other things you have in mind.

You also need to sign up with the new host before you cancel your old account. If you cancel your account before, there could be a problem transferring the website data.


2. Move your Website’s Files Using FTP:

Since you will now have a website with both hosts, it is time to move everything from the old hosting to the new hosting. The easiest way to move your website’s files is via FTP. To connect via FTP, you will need an FTP program. FileZilla is a good free option.

You will need to download all the FTP files from the old hosting’s site, then upload them to the new hosting’s site. This might take some time if you have a large website, but you will only need to put in a few seconds of manual effort the rest is just waiting.


3. Creating Backup Database:

The third step is to take back up your old database is an essential task and website from an old host server of yours. MySQL is the most famous type of database. It can be exported using the tool “phpMyAdmin” found in the standard cPanel dashboard of any web hosting account.

Just download all the files on your PC and place them in a safe folder to take a backup of your files and data by using any basic FTP applications like smart FTP, FileZilla.


4. Export your website database:

If your website makes use of an extra database for storing users information and dealing with forms cause you then definitely need to get them and export them, it’s miles first-rate to together along with your vintage host for exporting these extra records due to the fact most of the hosts offer “phpMyAdmin” as a device to address an exporting and uploading of records.

If you’re an operator of a channel then exporting your records isn’t always a difficult project for you, simply use the phpMyAdmin device that is part of each panel, in case you don’t apprehend the whole lot then still you’re capable of trying this via way of means of yourself.


5. Upload the Files And Import Database:

When all the files are in place, you can restore them and the database on the new hosting. You make sure that you upload the files in the same folder from where they originally came. For example, files from the folder public_html should go into the same folder in the new web host.


6. Change The DNS:

When you have all your files transferred, all the files are on both hosts, you will need to change domain name servers to connect to the new host.

You may need to ask the old company how the domain name server (DNS) is stored before changing the new one. The new company will help you with making the DNS change. This process can take up to 2 days to complete. Once the changes are made you can cancel with your host.



In this article, we told you about how to transfer web hosting from one company to another? So, we conclude that transferring a website between web hosting services does not need to be difficult as long as you follow the few steps. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Choose a new web hosting
  • Creating Backup Database
  • Backup your website files and database
  • Upload the Files And Import Database
  • Change The DNS

We hope these best steps will help you a better understanding of how to transfer hosting?

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