How To Point Multiple Domain Names To One Website?

In this article, we are telling you about how to point multiple domain names to one website? Pointing two domains to the same website is the best way to gain traffic to your website from various different domain names.


What is Website Redirect?

A website redirect occurs when typing a web address in the address search bar sends a site visitor to another site different from the one they typed in.

A redirect points your old URL to a new web page. When everyone types in or clicks on that authentic URL they will be taken to the web page you set the redirect up to instead. It guarantees site visitors do not come to be on a 404 web page and rather discover something applicable to what they have been originally looking for.


Different Ways For Implementing Multiple Domain Names?

There are different ways to point multiple domain names to one website? Let’s get started:


1. Redirecting Multiple Domains to One Domain

2. Content Duplication to the Original Page

3. Redirect Your Old Domain Name to Your New One


1. Redirecting Multiple Domains to One Domain:

Many brands buy up multiple domain names pointed to their main URL in order to secure your online business. Instead of purchasing domain names to hold others from registering them, then simply allowing them to sit there, you could redirect them to your major website.

Whether they are common misspellings of your existing domain name, other top-level domain name extensions, or something else entirely, they are worth redirecting back to your main website.


2. Content Duplication to the Original Page:

Having duplicate content on your website is bad for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This method of doing things creates a search engine problem popularly known as content duplication.

If you have a big website, you may well have pages with duplicate content. When you have more than one version of the same page it makes it difficult for Google to figure out which page to rank and which website is better.

Essentially, through making it so that all three specific web addresses display identical content material, it now seems to search engines like google and casual traffic that there are three websites with the same content material.

Avoid replicating content problems by redirecting the duplicate piece of content material to the original. This will both lessen confusion for your traffic and enhance your search engine rankings.


3. Redirect Your Old Domain Name to Your New One:

Did you originally create your website on a domain that was not your first choice, then managed to purchase your dream domain later on?

When you change domains it is essential that you maintain the integrity of the old domain url so that any user clicking on a link to a page on your old website will be redirected to the same page on your new domain name.


Why Point To Multiple Domain Names With A Single Site?

There are many reasons why people get multiple domains to one site. Frequently, that is to ensure that they own the three most important worldwide domain suffixes (.com, .net) of their name.

Owning all of the three suffixes is especially essential if you need to develop your website the use of both the “.net” or “.org” extension, in preference to the “.com” one. If a site name includes a noun that has a plural and singular form, a few site owners also choose to get both types of names, in case their clients or site visitors misremember their domain.

Many people, while typing in domain names, instinctively type a”.com” suffix rather than the other two, so in case you do not need ability site visitors going to the competition, you will need to get all 3 and factor them into your website.



How To Point a URL To Another Website?

Here are the steps about point a domain to another domain? Let’s get started:


  • Log In to Manage services.
  • In the Domains area, click on the Manage your domain name.
  • Click on the Manage button next to the domain name you need to forward
  • In the Website field at the top of the web page, enter the full internet address of the website you need to point your domain name.
  • You can also select the URL.
  • You can test that the address you have typed in is working by clicking on the text link.
  • Click the Save button.



In this article, we told you about how to point multiple domain names to one website? So, we conclude that purchasing multiple domains and pointing them all to your site is a more good practice than most new developers realize.

The procedure is relatively easy to implement, using redirects can help you update your site over time to be more useful, avoid errors, and improve SEO because it is important so that you don’t lose search engine ranking.

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