How To Make A Private Website with in 6 Steps?

If you want to create a private website for your own business or a blog to share updates with your relatives and friends? So, in this article, we are telling you about how to make a private website?

A interactive website can be useful for sharing both personal and business information with others in a well-organized and professional manner, but in some cases, you can start your own personal community message board where only invited members can gain access.

If you have a lot of pictures and videos that you would like to share with your friends and family, the best way to do this is with a private website. A private website allows you to share media and information such as photos of family events, weddings, birthdays, parties, baby pictures, and more personal information with friends and family.

Nowadays you do not need to know HTML, CSS, and any programming language because most web hosts and website builders allow you to create a website with customizable templates and multimedia capabilities.

There are many private website makers from which you can create a website are given below:

Below we will teach you how to make a private website? So, continue the article reading.


06 Steps To Make A Private Website

Here are the steps to create a private website are given below:


1) Define your goals

2) Choose Your Domain and Hosting Name

3) Create Logo

4) Add your content

5) Customize your design

6) Update your website


1. Define Your Goals:

The first thing when you make a private website is to define your goals. Determining your goals will assist you to figure out everything else, like which content to include and how to structure your private website to best serve your purpose.

Here are a few questions you should consider before building your Private website:

What am I hoping my private website will help me achieve?

What skills do I have that set me apart from others in my field?


2. Choose Your Domain and Hosting Name:

After defining the goals, the next step is to choose a domain and web hosting. A web host is a company that hosts your site on its server.

You can find free web hosting from different websites like, but this is normally unsuitable for viewers. Because these free domains are very slow. You will choose the good hosting that allows you to scale as your site grows.


3. Create Logo:

Your logo is an important part of your branding/website. Even though you might imagine a private site does not need anyone, a logo unifies and makes your website greater cushy for your guests. Use software like Corel Paint Shop Pro to control a few textual contents into an appealing and eye-catching design.

You could just save the money and look for some open-source software, such as gimp or canva. They are also free and just as useful as Adobe Photoshop and Paint.


4. Add Your Content:

At this point, you should have a clear idea of why you are creating a private website. Now that you have chosen a template to get you started, it is time to consider the how.

You recognize that is a website for your friends and relatives, so consider what you’ll provide them once they visit. Some excellent ideas are tools like photograph galleries, a calendar, a guest-book, an email list, and information on your front-page. Write down your ideas as you give you what to include.

However, here are a few elements that almost every private website should include:


  • Homepage
  • Bio
  • Blog
  • Contact us Page
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio


5. Customize Your Design:

The design of your website is just as essential as the content itself. If it does not look the part, viewers are likely to click away from your website without giving your valuable content a second chance.

This means that each part of your website, from the header to the footer, should be cohesive in terms of tone and style. Here are the elements:

  • Logo
  • Color Scheme
  • Fonts
  • Create Pages
  • Website Layout


6. Update Your Website:

Keeping your family, relatives, and friends up-to-date with videos and photos is invaluable to them. Share new stories, party’s pictures, and jokes with them frequently to keep them coming back.



In this article, we told you about how to make a private website? So, we conclude that creating a well-organized and professional manner private website for sharing images, videos with your friends and family can be a smooth process with WordPress, blogger, Wix. No coding skills required, simply choose the website builder, select domain, select your desired template, customize your design, and publish.


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