How To Create A Forum Website with in 6 Easy Steps?

In this article, we are telling you about how to create a forum? Forums are a good way to build community online. If you have trafficked website with a large community and want a place where your visitors can discuss topics of interest, create a forum is your good way.

Having a forum is the best way to communicate with your website visitors and helps to solve problems. When they have a generic or technical question, they are able to always post it to the forum or search to find out if the issue has already been addressed.

You needed special knowledge about programming languages in order to create a forum. Things have become much easier these days, with the best new ways of creating forums for feedback without ever having to learn a new programming language.

If you are looking at how to create a forum, then you continue the article’s reading below we will teach you how to make a forum?


How To Create A Forum Website?

Here’s how to create a forum website in the following steps:

1. Choose The Web Hosting

2. Pick the right web forum software

3. Download forum software

4. Create a MySQL database

5. Information On Your Forum

6. Enter Login Details and Customize


1. Choose The Web Hosting:

Before starting to create a forum the first step is to choose and purchase the best hosting and domain. Make sure the hosting plan you have now can support the forum software you select to use and the increase in visitors likely to occur.


2. Pick the right web forum software:

After choosing the best hosting and domain the next step, you will need software to create your forum with. Many of the most famous options are free and offer open-source software. A few of the solutions to look into are:



3. Download forum software:

Consider free open source software that is very well organized and supported, both in terms of development and online community support.


4. Create a MySQL database:

Create a My SQL database on your hosting through the control panel of your domain.


5. Information On Your Forum:

Tell the name of your free forum and a description explaining the issue of your forum as well, customers can without difficulty discover what is your forum talking about in a wink.

Then choose the Internet address of your forum and choose from dozens of domains available to you to compose the address of your free forum.


6. Enter Login Details and Customize:

Enter your email address and a password so you can log in to your forum. To secure your message board, be careful to set a secure password. As the forum owner, you will access the community management with the username and password.

Log in and go to the admin panel to customize your forum. No design and language skill needed to customize the desktop or mobile version of your forum. You can also change colors, upload logos, edit templates, change banners and etc.



How To Add A Forum To A Website?

Here we are telling you about how to add a forum to a website?


Embeddable Forums:

  • Set up the forum on a forum service provider’s website.
  • Get the HTML code to embed it on your website and that’s it your forum is live.
  • Embed this code :<p><iframe border=”0″ height=”600″ src=”” width=”712″></iframe></p>
  • Click on the Save button.


Using Forum Scripts:

  • Pick a Forum Software package like phpBB, Vanilla, MyBB, or vBulletin.
  • Select your desired forum software (PhpBB is good if you want something special) and a good theme, then click Continue.
  • Once done, link your forum to your site.



In this article, we told you about how to create a forum? So, we conclude that select web hosting and domain, download forum software, Download an FTP program, create a MySQL database, Set up your forums. ​If you are not technical, you can register at a website that can automatically set up a forum for you.


We hope these best steps will help you a better understanding of how to create a forum?

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