How To Buy A Website Domain That Is Already Taken?

If you have decided to start a new website and you have come up with the perfect domain name. But when you search for the domain name you want, you discover that another person already owns it. So, at this point what do you do?

In this article, we are telling you how to buy a website domain that is already taken and give you some good tips on what to watch out for. We will also teach a few steps that you can use if your domain is not available.


Steps To Buy A Domain That Is Taken ?

You can buy an existing domain that is taken by following these steps: Lets’ get started


1. Check what the domain name is currently being used for

2. Check if the domain has a contact form

3. Find out who owns the domain name

4. Negotiate the purchase



1. Check what the domain name is currently being used for:

Your first step must be to visit the domain you want to buy. Is there an actual website there? Has it been up to date in the past few years? If the solutions to each question are yes, the owner of the domain is probably not interested in selling it.


2. Check if the domain has a contact form:

If you want to buy a domain that is already registered, it is the best idea to visit the domain to see if it is being used for a real website. If it is not linked to a website and web hosting, you can contact the domain’s owner from there.


3. Find out who owns the domain name:

Once you have determined that the domain is not being used for an actual website, then it is time to search out who owns the domain. The simplest way to do this is by using a WHOIS service.

WHOIS is a directory that tells you who owns a website name. You can look for a domain on WHOIS and get the owner’s address, contact number, and e-mail address.


4. Negotiate the purchase:

Use an escrow provider. If you correctly negotiate a deal, then you definitely must use a provider like this, because it will secure you and the vendor from fraud. The charge is three to six percent of the transaction cost.


What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain is a registered domain name that is not linked to a site or email hosting provider. Many websites have a single domain name or URL that ends in them. If you have into your navigation bar, you will see the familiar search bar appear.

There are different ways you can use parked domains to your benefits, including:

  • Securing not unusual place misspellings of your main domain name
  • Registering your primary domain by using other Top-Level Domains
  • Saving names you can later sell


How to Buy Parked Domain?

Here are the steps to buying a parked domain. Let’s get started:


  • Find the Owner
  • When you have an email address or a contact number, you need to initiate contact to start the negotiation phase.
  • Hold Your Cards Close
  • Negotiating a price for a parked domain can be difficult.
  • Utilize an Escrow Service



05 Tips On How To Buy A Domain That Is Taken?

Before you buy a registered domain name, consider doing some proper investigation. After all, the domain name of your website is one of the first things that viewers will see. Here are some important tips on making sure that you buy your domain name safely:


  • Avoid Using a Different Extension
  • Check the Domain Name isn’t a Registered Trademark
  • Make it catchy and easy to remember.
  • Check if a Website Has Been Built There.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens.
  • Look for close alternatives.
  • Domain name pricing is difficult. If you are new to buying domains, you then definitely may wonder whether the rate you are being quoted is a bargain, a rip-off, or something in between.
  • Make Sure you are buying From the Domain’s Owner.
  • Research social media platforms.
  • Use Escrow to Transfer the Money
  • Consider Backordering a Domain You Want.
  • Buying the right name for your website is the difficult choice of your life, perhaps you need help. Discuss your ideas with friends, family, and colleagues.


Conclusion (H2)

In this article, we told you about how to buy a website domain that is already taken? So, we conclude that avoid using a different extension, check the domain name is not registered, use escrow to transfer the money.

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