How To Create An Interactive Website and 5 Best Ways

If you are new in the development field and want to know how to build an interactive website? So, in this article, we are telling you about how to create an interactive website?

Interactive websites include factors that try to interact with a business site’s visitors through motivating or even requiring their participation. This can range from simple HTML input fields or forms to very rich content including games, maps, quizzes, social media, and other advanced programming factors such as Java, HTML, WordPress, or PHP.

Building interactive websites need some amount of programming language knowledge. Use templates or rapid development applications in case your programming abilities are limited or if you are short of time or you can develop your website from scratch using a development company.

If you want to know what is an interactive website? So, we are explaining the interactive website definition below. So, continue article reading.


What Is An Interactive Website ?

An interactive website is the greatest way to provide a meaningful and engaging user experience that allows the person viewing the webpage to be actively engaged with the site.

An interactive website is more than only a website. It creates interaction among customers and content material permitting them to have a customized experience and go beyond the usual browsing and viewing.

Having interactivity can assist generate more traffic to your website and increase user engagement.

An interactive website will use the graphical user interface present on all websites to create interactivity with the viewer. An interactive website can be about any website that permits customers to head beyond actually reading text and viewing images and videos.

This type of website can also allow the user to change the way the website displays or allow the viewer to play games interact with friends online and various tasks. The task may include:


  • Pressing play
  • Playing a game
  • Skipping an ad
  • Sharing
  • Clicking
  • Voting
  • Answering a question
  • Making a selection
  • Searching
  • Commenting
  • Online transactions
  • Submitting stories, photos, videos

Through those tasks, they study your organization and what you do. Use the facts accumulated from these interactions. Create a more significant viewer experience for the visitor.

If your website is not interactive, viewers are simply passively skimming it and now no longer sticking around for long. So, let’s explore how to create an interactive website?


5 Ways To Create An Interactive Website ?

Here are the 05 ways to create an interactive website are given below:

  1. Planning
  2. Design
  3. Contact Forms
  4. Add Quizzes & Polls
  5. User-Friendly Content


1. Planning:

Before starting building your interactive website you need a good plan and also proper website design. Interactive websites can definitely affect your brand, however, they also can be a turn-off to clients if they are not well designed and consist of too many stressful elements.

First, determine what you need your website to perform and whether interactivity is important or in very good shape in your enterprise and clients. Set a budget, write the copy, and put together your requirements and proposal documents.


2. Design:

Implementing a dynamic website design boosts visitors’ first effect on your website since 90% of all first impressions on a site are design-related. Your usual layout must be purposeful and appealing to create a wonderful interaction for customers.

Plan out the info of your website design, inclusive of the colors you will use for your pallet, the font pairings you will feature, and a standard layout.


3. Contact Forms:

First of all, make the contact records easily available. When visitors visiting your website for the first time, there is nothing more annoying than not being able to find something as simple and important as an address, mobile number, and email address.

Including forms to your website will improve communication between you and your viewers. Contact forms provide means for visitors to ask you questions directly.

For WordPress, there is the WP Forms plugin, which will allow you to create a variety of user-friendly forms from pre-built templates.


4. Add Quizzes & Polls:

People love quizzes and usually do not taking a minute to fill one out. Encourage visitors to interact with your website through polls, surveys, and quizzes.

You can create an interactive quiz, polls, and surveys with a user-friendly form plugin like WP Forms and share it on social media in under 2-3 minutes. Do not forget to integrate the message of your brand into the quizzes.

Interactive quizzes can attract viewers to visit your website and pass the word along. Quizzes poll not only make your website more interactive, but you can also use them to understand the needs of your potential viewers and get feedback on how you are doing.

Make your quizzes brief, simple and offer motivation upon completion such as increasing their knowledge about a country, celebrity, or even access to content in your website for a limited time. It will help decrease your website bounce rate since they will be on your website for longer.


5. User-Friendly Content:

User-Friendly content can be good for both customer service and viewer interaction with your brand. There are various ways to display user-friendly content on your site, including writing articles from your blog. It also allows users to interact with your visitors, which is great for building up a community around your brand.

Viewers love it when they see their content posted on your site. Another way to make your website interactive is by providing your viewers a way to generate and create content with you. User-friendly content will also allow visitors to interact with other visitors.

The user-friendly content is a great strategy to improve user engagement in your site. This will provide your viewers an area to talk their minds, share information, provide their own reviews, and be heard.


In this article, we told you about how to create an interactive website? So, we conclude that you can build an interactive website by adding surveys, polls, add user-friendly content on your websites.

There are many benefits of interactive website design such as connects with your audience, reduce bounce rate and increase your conversion rates.

We hope these best ways will help you a better understanding of how to create an interactive website?

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