How to Create A Social Media Website with in 6 Steps?

Do you have the needed resources to create a social media website? So, in this article, we are telling you about how to make a social media website?

Various social media networks have become a real must-have in our daily lives. These resources entertain us, they assist us to find business partners or make new friends, and so on.

Social media have become so popular that there are almost no people left with access to the Internet and without an account on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Building a social media network online also can imply gaining an audience in order to in turn advantage your profession or your political clout. Building a powerful social media will mean that you may usually have contacts that will help you together along with your private or career endeavors.

From this article, you will learn to create a social media website? So, continue the article’s reading.


Types of Social Media Websites

Here are the types of social media website are given below:


Informational Website:

When you are thinking about how to make a social media website? or want to learn how to grow, you can search the Internet and discover websites like Reddit and Quora.

Online platforms for finding answers to your questions. Let’s illustrate with an example. Say, you want to create a social media interactive website and do not know where to start. A good solution in such a case is to ask for advice from those who have already encountered different problems. You ask a question and get an answer, sometimes even a few ones.


Professional Websites:

Some websites provide a common platform for professional communication, while others’ websites focus on specific professions or interests. For example LinkedIn and Classroom.

Of course, we are talking about websites allowing professionals from various industries to communicate in a more proficient way. They can discuss business issues, arrange for an interview, and even seek or offer a job.


Multimedia Platforms:

They focus on the exchange of multimedia content photos, video, audio, and much more. YouTube, Flickr, and Instagram are great instances of such platforms.


Academic Platforms:

Platforms on which students and teachers are not the only ones needing a platform for communication, also share the results of their work, analyze the work of students and interact about current and future research. Examples: Research Gate and



How To Build A Social Network Website From Scratch?

Here we will teach you about how to build a social media website? Let’s figure it out:

1.Choose Your Idea

2.Choose Your Target Audience

3.Your Website Requirements

4.Planning and Design

5.Development and Testing

6.Social Media Marketing


1.Choose Your Idea:

Before creating a social network the first step is to select your idea. First of all, it is important to find a unique idea and think over the website concept. Namely, answer questions, and answer carefully:

The following questions assist you to with this tough task to face out from the crowd:

  • What unique features will make your website different from competitors?
  • Would you offer to attract more viewers?
  • The main idea behind the website?
  • What value can you offer to the viewers?
  • What kind of social media network are you planning to create?
  • What’s the name of your website?


2.Choose Your Target Audience:


After studying the marketplace situation, you could use the records acquired to begin the next vital stage of social media network web development, particularly drawing a portrait of your future user.

You have already got all of the essential information, you simply ought to kind it properly. We suggest the following items:

  • Age group
  • Type of work (students, freelancers, office workers, etc.)
  • Preferences and tastes
  • Hobby

If you plan to make a social media website focused on businessmen, then students are unlikely to get into your target audience.


3.Your Website Requirements:

The list of website requirements is based on the needs of the target audience and analysis of competitors. So, if you want to create a social media website of high competitiveness, think carefully to achieve this, consider the following things:


  • User scenarios (how users will use the site)
  • Design (colors, fonts, the layout of the main page, etc)
  • Functional potential (dialogues, avatars, virtual albums)
  • The ability to search and store and retrieve data about other participants (confidentiality and transparency of information)
  • Principles of using social media networking services and punitive measures for non-compliance with your rules.


4.Planning and Design:

At the next stage, you need to develop: The following task must be performed:

  • Information architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Technical Project
  • Interface and design concept.
  • Plans for MVP, prototype.
  • Technical design.

If making a decision to hire an organization to outsource, then this staff wants to expand with them. If making a decision to apply template solutions, many of these items will already be solved earlier than you, you simply must pick a particular template and customize the design.


5.Development and Testing:

Depending on the approach, the development and testing phase may take from an hour to a year of real-time. If you do everything yourself, don’t forget about testing the website.

We have reached a point website development itself, which usually includes 3 key sub-steps:

Frontend development or creation of the client part of your website.

Backend development related to the programming language and scripting for the server.

You may consider the necessity to hire a professional team with great experience to develop a social media network website and write a clear code to implement your idea as accurately as possible.


6.Social Media Marketing:

The easiest way to promote a social media website is to use other social networks. If you have a niche project, for example, about babies, then look for groups on this topic and promote your website on these sites.

In order to gradually increase the number of viewers, it is vital to consider ways of expanding the target audience. So, you need to think about the promotion of your website.

You can still run:

  • Targeted advertising: Shows ads to a certain group of people, selected according to criteria.
  • Marketing Impact
  • Content marketing: Using articles, videos, pictures and many other things.
  • Organic advertising or paid Ads in popular public groups.
  • Widgets, games, applications, and etc.



In this article, we told you about how to create a social media website? So, we conclude that to build a social media network, start by making profiles on popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Then, look for reasons or interests you care about at the platforms you are using and try posting and commenting on a few group pages to fulfill other like-minded individuals.

For example, if you are really passionate about babies, games, you could find a Facebook group for babies and games conservation and start networking on it.

We hope these best ways will help you a better understanding of creating a social network?

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