How To Connect A Domain to the Website in 2021?

After purchasing a domain if you’re looking to connect your domain to your website you will need two things a domain, and a hosting account. The hosting account is where your site will live.

Whether the website is for a personal or a business, a website is always better off with an exclusive domain name. Having a domain name not simplest makes it simpler for people to don’t forget your website, but also gives it that much more credibility and reliability.

In this article we are telling you about how to connect a domain to the website? So, continue the article reading.


What is Domain?


To properly explain what is a domain? A domain is your site’s address on the internet where customers can access your website. A domain name is a physical machine that hosts the files and the databases that your site is made from and sends them out to people across the web when they visit your website from their computer.

Computers communicate the use of something known as an IP address, which looks something like this: 123.577.67.052. If you type in an IP associated with your site, you will end up seeing the exact result of your website in the web browser search.

A site domain is a user-friendly version of your IP address. It is easy for visitors/users to access your website.,, are some of the most famous domains on the web. The domain name of our website is

Domain names have two parts separated. The top-level domain and the actual domain name. The TLD is the part of the brand name which includes a group of letters and numbers, for example, VeteranPeople, whereas the next part of the domain is an extension such as .com, .net, .pk, etc.



How Do Domains Work?


Without a domain name, everyone who wanted to go to your website could enter the entire IP address. But the trouble is that an IP address is tough for people to memorize or to consist of on advertising materials.

When you enter a domain name on your web search, it first sends a request to a global network of servers that form the Domain Name System.

These servers then appearance up the domain name servers related to the area and ahead the request to the ones name servers. These name servers are computers managed by your web hosting provider. Your web hosting provider will forward your request to the server where your website is stored.


what is website domain



What Is Hosting?


In this topic, we are telling you about what is hosting? Hosting is the storage location where your website content files and database are placed.

Web hosting makes the files that comprise a website into code, images available for viewing online. A domain name is an address to your website, and then the actual house is your hosting. For creating a website you need both a domain name and web hosting.

When someone tries to access your website by entering your domain name in the browser, the domain name is translated into the IP address of your hosting organization’s computer. This computer points the site’s files and sends them back to the user’s browsers.

There are many web hosting providers that provide hosting such as Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, Namecheap and etc.



Steps To Connect A Domain To A Website?


Here are the steps about how to link a domain to a website? Let’s get started:


Step 1:


  • Log in to your domain hosting provider account.


  • Go to the domain management area and choose the relevant domain.


  • Under records management, choose the main domain.


  • Under A records, kindly change the IP address to the following:


  • 184.141.227


  • Click on save button when you are done.


Step 2:


Choose Domain List from the left sidebar and click on the Manage button next on your domain with inside the list.

Find the Nameservers phase and choose Name cheap Web Hosting DNS from the drop-down menu. After that, use the checkmark icon to keep changes



In this article, we told you about how to connect a domain to the website? So, we conclude that log in to your domain hosting provider account, Select Domain List from the left sidebar and click the Manage button next to your domain in the list.


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