5 Best game server hosting in 2021

If you want to create a gaming website and looking for game server hosting. So, in this article, we are telling you about the best game server hosting.

For game server hosting there are several options are available and provide flexibility and power to host the specified games. It boosts gameplay expertise multi-folds and provides higher security to your server games with rich resources as you don’t need to share it with anyone else.

The game servers that you just purchase should be hosted in knowledge centers situated close to your targeted players. This way, you’ll be able to make sure that the game can have the lowest lag and game slowdowns.

Once a site stands out, at the best game servers we confirm you know, our company makes sure we offer you an unbiased review of that game hosting provider.

several sites providing comparisons are unbiased and profit-centric, however, we look at all choices and suggest a negative, you’ll eventually notice the proper host for you.

For the fast gaming website below we will tell you about the best game server hosting. So, continue the article reading.


5 Best Online game servers Hosting?


Here are the best game servers hosting. So, let’s get started:

  • A2 Hosting
  • OVH Cloud
  • HostHavoc
  • GameServers
  • Liquid Web


A2 Hosting:


A2Hosting game server hosting


A2Hosting is one of the best game server hosting. A2Hosting is a lesser-known hosting platform that has one thing to offer people searching for dedicated game servers.

There are literally four plans and 3 management levels with their superior servers. this can be to satisfy the wants of the 2 differing kinds of users that want dedicated servers. There are those with some technical ability who are assured in their talents and need the management for unmanaged options.

Select from managed or unmanaged server options. you’ll find command management in an unmanaged server, simple control for network and hardware, OS choice, full root access, and Webuzo one-click installer. you’ll get a simple cPanel instrument panel in an exceedingly managed server, root access, managed server security, and etc.


OVH Cloud:

OVH Cloud game server hosting is one of the leading companies of servers in the world. It includes a nice service, that is wonderfully different from ancient hosting.

However, it’ vital for you to be proactive and independent once victimization this platform because sometimes things get it wrong that can’t be simply fixed by people within the company.

Expertise the simplest performance for online play with OVHcloud a dedicated game server for all gamers. Each server they supply has an IPv4 and IPv6 address range. you’ll use the choice of dealings further IPv4 addresses (up to 256/machine) for the dedicated server.




Hosthavoc game server hosting


HostHavoc is another famous name in game server hosting. Their game servers comprise advanced options and custom tools maintained actively alongside mod and game updates.

Host mayhem could be a world organization headquartered. With extremely experienced professionals situated across the world to keep up their tried-and-true 24/7 client support operation and provide reliable service with lightning speed for all of your hosting needs.

With HostHavoc, you’ll switch games at any time to explore new ones while not having to pay any further amount. It features Steam workshop accessibility and supports multiple mods, plugins, and 3rd-party APIs. it’s ten knowledge center locations in 3 continents with a carefully established high-capacity network.



game server hosting

GameServers is another best game server hosting. They can host and game servers for game developers who have a game server hosting desires that either need to form game mods or simply host game servers that are mod-free therefore purchasers don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding game mods messing up their game saves for game developers with game mods already installed.

GameServers boasts instant activations, 24/7 support, and an outsized gaming network. There very looks to be a miscellany of reviews for GameServers.com as a choice to host your dedicated game servers. Some praise the support they provide and therefore the server responses, and a few are critical.


Liquid Web:


Liquid web game server hosting


The liquid web offers you high-level security and performance with the managed dedicated vice servers. It focuses on custom solutions by partnering together with your specialists to style a stronger game tailored to your needs.

You may realize high availability, high-performance, and hybrid hosting, except server clusters, non-public cloud hosting, public cloud hosting, disaster preparedness, compliance solutions, and built-to-order solutions within the custom hosting service.

LiquidWeb is on my list of the best-dedicated game server hosting services owing to its speed, reliability, and affordability. it’s an honest hosting supplier and is particularly suited to those with no time or ability with managing the servers, it’s all in hot water you. Those servers are secure, ready to use Windows or Linux, and that they really do supply a 100 percent network and period guarantee.


What We Should Look For When Buying Game Server Hosting?

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a game server provider are given below:


Customer Support:

The first thing you should consider before buying with a gaming server host is customer support. Would you like to try and do business with a host whose customer support team is touchy or uncooperative? Therefore, once trying to find a game server hosting, you will want to confirm that you just choose one with top-notch customer support, making certain that your problems are attended to pronto.

You may conjointly want to seem into however long they need been around in business if you’re looking for a prestigious company which will not disappear on you when thirty days with no product delivered unless it’s declared openly beforehand.



The other thing you should consider before choosing game hosting is the price. The monthly price is essential because it determines how profitable your game is going to be in the long run.

The game server hosting packages should have reasonable costs therefore you’re able to pay for them monthly while not having constant monetary problems and worrying an excessive amount regarding wherever to induce money from next, as a result of if you are doing then you won’t be able to concentrate on promoting your games properly which implies no new game players or maybe low traffic returning to your websites


Low Latency:

Network latency among the game server host and its gamers is impacted through 3 elements in particular: physical distance, network distance, and bandwidth capacity. Even in case, your game server host has the most powerful bandwidth, it won’t imply much if they’re not close through.

You need to be as near your recreation server host as viable for lag-unfastened gameplay. Look for a game server hosting that has a couple of international locations to make your gameplay as seamless as feasible.


Powerful hardware:

When you choose from game server hosting, you won’t generally have a say in what hardware is used. That’s why it’s a good plan to appear in advance for a service that uses powerful hardware to run its game servers.

Your game hosting service wants powerful hardware to run its game servers. This helps to cut down on Input/Output time and helps with faster loading therefore you don’t have to be compelled to get annoyed with a lagging game.




In this article, we told you about the best game server hosting? So, we conclude that when it comes to choosing the game server hosting providers for you, here is a great deal to trust and understand. Basically, you would like to bring it down what does one need your server to try and do best, memory, speed, bandwidth?

It’ll provide the performance, speed, and dependability you mostly needed to own except for the safety during this risky cyberspace.

If you wish that full management self-hosting a game server should offer, however, don’t want to spend money, The above hosting are the best game server hosting.

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